CoCoon was set up in 2000. We started working with start-ups and mid-sized companies to incubate HR to support their growth. Hence, the name CoCoon.

This included setting up and re-designing people processes and practices for growth, managing performance in an integrated manner, providing strategic HR inputs, organisation design, and working with leaders to shape culture. The work was exciting and fast-paced. It has been satisfying to see these companies thrive and diversify over the years.

Currently we work with large Indian and transnational companies. Our capabilities, perspectives and solutions have morphed over these years to a business savvy design and consulting firm. Our expertise lies in managing transitions, supporting growth, setting up new lines of business, managing talent and developing leaders.

We are a team of consultants and associates across Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. We work with client organisations across sectors and stages of growth, in India and Asia.